iRobot: Having sold more than 15 million robots worldwide, including the famous Roomba automatic vacuuming droid, iRobot needed to upgrade their data management systems to cope with the growth.  iRobot have chosen Amazon Web Services for the task.  “iRobot is excited to be using AWS as our company strategically addresses cloud robotics technologies. With its broad, rich services and world-class infrastructure, the AWS Cloud infrastructure will enable iRobot to more efficiently develop connected robot technologies and expand the value of robots within the smart home,” said Colin Angle, chairman and CEO of iRobot. “It will allow iRobot to build upon our current robots’ capabilities, improve the customer experience and usher in a new era for how people live at home.”



McDonald Dettwiler & Associates: Signed a four year contract up to the value of 31 million euros to provide Radarsat-2 information to the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA).  The radarsat-2 data is used in the areas of safety, law enforcement, fisheries control, marine pollution monitoring and most importantly – border security.  This is important given the migrant crisis currently engulfing the EU.  Slightly positive for the stock price.