With nearly 7 million views on Youtube, CGP Grey started a lot of discussion with his Humans Need Not Apply video.  He nails all the major points on technological unemployment – and while it will be different this time around.  Some people watched the video and were scared.  Some people saw opportunity.  Most people just cracked a pun joke and moved on.  I am not sure if that is a reflection of the video itself or the general YouTube community.

User “surfingsuicune” had a decent comment in “Isn’t this what people wanted? No more need to work your entire life, retire at 65, and be too old and used up to enjoy your twilight years? Sounds pretty Utopian to me. Then again, considering most people’s self-worth and sense of purpose seems to be derived from their shitty job, you’ll end up with millions of people who are kind of dull, idle, and boring, with no hobbies or passions to pursue. And that doesn’t even address the economic aspect of automation. Are we going to move to some sort of guaranteed minimum income system where everyone has enough to get by, but very few people have actual wealth?”